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The vision

It always starts with a story, doesn’t it? An artist wants to tell a story. Weather it’s with an acoustic guitar in the kitchen, a laptop on the beach or a flute on the top of a mountain. There’s always a story to be told. And so far so good, but then the music business comes in and everything gets complicated. We’ve heard the story a million times. So we decided to do something about it.

With Sonody Music we want to make the music business easier. And more important, help the artists take control of their career. Our vision is to create a “one stop shop” for everything an artist might need to grow. Whatever you need, we know someone who can do it. 

We’ve teamed up with songwriters, producers, musicians, engineers, promoters, video editors and graphic designers. All here to give your music the best care possible. And when your song is ready, you can release it digitally on our platform.

In a nutshell, we do everything a record label traditionally have done, but you as an artist can pick and choose what you need for each project. And best of all: YOU own your music and decide what to do with it.

Robin Samuelsson - CEO



Olle Hedman - CFO



Johannes Gunnarsson - Marketing manager


Marketing manager

Joe Vegna - Project manager


Project manager

The story

In a way Sonody Music has been in the making for a few years. We just didn’t know it. But in early 2020 Joe Vegna finally got around to take the first step of what was to become Sonody Music. With a basic idea he got in a room with Robin, Olle and Johannes and the wheels were in motion. 

Essentially we just want to change the whole music industry. Nothing else. Or, to be a bit more modest, we want to build a company that actually reflects how the music industry will work for the foreseeable future. When talking to artists and producers there are two things coming up all the time, collaboration and control.

So in early spring of 2020, while Covid-19 had everyone’s attention, we started to build Sonody Music. First just throwing out a million ideas to see what stuck, and then trying to find the core of it all and build from there. To us the core of it all is the song. So the key thing was to connect with songwriters and producers. We then kept going with engineers,  distribution, promotion and … hmmm, we might not reveal everything we have in store for you right now. But just wait and see, we have some really cool ideas for the future.


Sonody Music
Örebro, Sweden


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